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Black diamonds - rare and special

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds and other 'fancy diamonds'

Diamonds which naturally have different colours from the usual white (clear) or slight yellow tint are extremely rare and may actually be more valuable than transparent stones. These diamonds, known as fancy diamonds, include black diamonds. Black diamonds have become particularly popular in recent years.

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The dark grey or black colour of black diamonds is created by numerous black inclusions in the diamond, usually of graphite. Naturally black diamonds are often extremely difficult to cut because of their many inclusions. Attractive black diamonds that are fine enough for jewellery are therefore particularly rare.

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Are you considering the purchase of black diamonds or are you interested in other fancy diamonds? RenéSim not only offers a choice of over 250,000 white diamonds; we are also happy to seek out black diamonds and other fancy diamonds for you from all over the world. Simply contact us for personal advice.

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Black diamonds: Information and interesting facts

How are black diamonds formed?

Black diamonds are classified as fancy diamonds - coloured diamonds as distinct from colourless diamonds or diamonds with a slight yellow or brown tint. While the majority of diamonds are not actually colourless but have a hint of colour, fancy diamonds have an intense, rich colour that makes them particularly attractive. Diamonds like these, including black diamonds, are especially rare and valuable. Generally only one in 100,000 diamonds is a fancy diamond. Black diamonds take their colour from numerous dark inclusions, usually of graphite.

Famous black diamonds

Some of the world's most famous diamonds have been black diamonds. One such is the 'Black Star of Africa', weighing 202 carats and last seen in Tokyo in 1971. 'Black Orlov' is a black diamond, also known as the Eye of Brahma Diamond, which weighs 67.50 carats. Legend has it that the stone, originally weighing 195 carats and set as one of the eyes in a statue of the Hindu god Brahma, was stolen and became cursed as a result; many later owners allegedly committed suicide. Cut into three pieces in an attempt to break the curse, the Black Orlov is now owned by a diamond dealer in Pennsylvania.

Treated black diamonds

Black diamonds became extremely fashionable in the 1990s and increased dramatically in popularity; as a result, artificially produced black diamonds are now also available. These colour-enhanced diamonds must be declared as such in their certificates. Colour enhancement can be effected by means of radiation or exposure to high temperatures. Treated diamonds are usually cheaper than natural diamonds as the quality of the original material is lower. RenéSim supplies only natural diamonds online. However, we can obtain colour-enhanced black diamonds on request.


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