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Engagement & Wedding / Marriage

Engagement, Engagement Rings and Wedding

Engagement is the first major step towards marriage. An engagement ring features in many cultures as a tangible outward expression of the wedding vow. In keeping with its special status as a piece of jewellery, an engagement ring is selected with corresponding care and consideration. Unlike the plain wedding band, an engagement ring is usually extremely valuable, made from precious metals and set with stunning gems (usually diamonds).

However, the ring presented by a man to his intended wife on their engagement and before the wedding is far more than a mere piece of jewellery. It is also a symbol of deep love, lasting commitment and the courage it takes to ask the most important question of all.


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The Engagement Ceremony and History of the Engagement Ring

Where does the symbolism of the engagement ring originate? Engagement rings have an interesting history. They have taken on a variety of names and symbolic meanings over the centuries, and were by no means always made from precious metals and sparkling gems.


We can trace the history of the traditional engagement ring familiar to us today back to the ancient Greeks, who gave gifts of rings as a sign of affection and devotion. Since these gifts were often presented before a wedding, we could automatically consider these rings to be engagement rings; however, in those times rings were frequently given as tokens of friendship, and were not automatic precursors of a wedding.


The ancient Romans, on the other hand, were hardly famous for their romantic, emotional nature. Early accounts mention iron "engagement rings" to which a small key was attached. The key may have two possible explanations; the more romantic version claims that the key represented the key to the future spouse's heart, but a second version describes the key as symbolising the bride's right to half of the man's possessions. In addition, the choice of iron as the material for the rings was no coincidence; in the ancient world iron was believed to stand for modesty, thrift and loyalty.


Engagement rings experienced a renaissance in the 15th and 16th centuries. During this period, the aristocracy and the wealthy classes established a fashion for wearing valuable rings and exchanging them as gifts. From this time onward, engagement rings were habitually set with one or more diamonds, requiring correspondingly greater skill to produce them. The diamond was believed to be a guarantee of harmony in the marriage. Yet precisely because these engagement rings were so valuable, some centuries were to pass before they were taken up by other social classes.

The Engagement Ring: Form and Symbolism

A ring has the form of a complete circle – a circle that seems to have no beginning or end. For this reason, the ancient Egyptians already regarded the circle as a symbol of never-ending eternal love. Like a ring, love has no beginning and no end and is an unbroken whole, so that the ring thus stands for enduring love. It is also a symbol of an eternal bond, of unceasing devotion and fidelity between two people. Ancient legends claim that a ring breaks when the bond of loyalty is broken. There is no more suitable symbol of engagement and the marital bond.


As is often the custom today, in ancient times these rings were worn on the ring finger of the left hand, believed to have a vein running straight to the heart – the centre of all emotions of love. By placing the ring on this finger, the flow of love was said to be strengthened.


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The Classic Engagement Ring: Diamond Rings

Regardless of fashionable trends in jewellery design, a diamond solitaire ring is considered to be the ultimate engagement ring. Indeed, in southern European countries it is regarded as practically the only ring which is acceptable to accompany a proposal of marriage. The diamond should be perfectly clear if possible; coloured stones are unusual in engagement rings. In the USA it is customary to buy a highly exclusive engagement ring, at prices that are traditionally approximately equivalent to three months' salary.

Naturally, the choice of material and gemstones is primarily governed by the taste and budget of the happy couple. But an engagement ring is certainly one of the most important pieces of jewellery in a woman's life, and should be selected with commensurate care. A vast range of engagement rings is available today – albeit in an equally diverse range of material and design quality.

The Perfect Engagement Ring - Bring On the Wedding!

Many women have very clear ideas of what their ideal engagement ring should be like, and make the decision jointly with their future husband.

As part of the ritual surrounding the question "Will you marry me?", the proposer often produces a ring to surprise his intended. Selecting a suitable ring is a creative process designed to melt the heart of the woman of your dreams. We therefore recommend the following points for your consideration:


  • First decide on an approximate budget for your purchase.
  • Browse our range. Can you find a ring that particularly appeals? If you would prefer a wholly individual piece or would like minor changes to be made to an existing design, simply contact us!
  • Check our prêt-à-porter engagement rings to find the approximate size of diamond that is commensurate with your budget.
  • Explore our Diamond Lexicon to find out about quality criteria for diamonds.
  • Try out our Diamond Search and find certified diamonds at prices that are unparalleled throughout Europe: Purchasing Diamonds.
  • Consider the type of precious metal which appeals most to you. Given the symbolism and unique nature of an engagement ring, we advise choosing the finest materials – 18-carat gold or platinum.
  • Design a unique one-of-a-kind engagement ring with the help of our Ring Configurator.
  • And our most important recommendation: contact us and let us advise and support you.  

RenéSim offers you the ideal conditions to transform your dream ring into reality. Choose from the styles in our collection, or request your personal one-of-a-kind piece from two of the most celebrated jewellery designers in the German-speaking world. You will receive not only a highly exclusive premium-brand product, but also so much more, tailored to your budget. When you order an engagement ring, this simply means more diamond for your money.

The choice of engagement ring is a matter of the utmost importance for the emotional bond between fiancé and fiancée; if the woman of your dreams is moved to tears at the engagement, nothing stands in the way of a breathtaking, unforgettable marriage: bring on the wedding!


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